Have you ever heard the expression, "You get what you pay for"? I wouldn't be surprised if you have, as it's a family common statement that is repeated when the value of a good or service comes into question. If you search the web, you can find many industries where the comparison of amateur vs professional has been proven time and again: photography is no different.
With the age of social media so intertwined into our daily lives, often times this is where people turn to first when looking for... well just about anything. My newsfeed is filled with posts such as, "Looking for a plumber. Who knows one?!" or "Who can recommend a great landscaper?" If you're like me, you're joined at least one or two pages that are just for your local area, and that's usually where you will find the most "in search of..." postings.
Do You Know the Difference Between a $20 Photographer and a $500 Photographer?
Let's take a look at the images below. I personally captured both of these family portraits. The first image is from very early on in my photography journey. I was still at the point where I was photographing my friends, free of charge, for practice because I was still learning. My camera was mid-level, I had a basic kit lens, and I was relying on the auto setting to do the work for me. 
At a glance, the image looks nice enough. Everyone is looking in the same direction, everyone is smiling and everyone has their eyes open. Perfect, right?
If you look at it a little longer and a little closer, you can see where there is major room for improvements. Positioning could have been better, as Mum is starting to get lost behind her daughter. Dad's foot is forefront and distracting, there is a patch of sunlight shining directly on his face. The focus is a little softer and the background could be more appealing. 

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